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@Real_Liam_Payne: Back to worrrrkkkkkkk!!! Feels like 1st day of school… Ready for the social not for the work aha
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"how to screw up everything ever and somehow find a way to not care at all about it but still pretend like you do so you don’t seem like a sociopath" - a novel by me

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Anonymous: au wherein louis is a really young and hot uni prof who's too cool for formal shit so he wears tshirts and suits (pls refer to movie premiere louis coz hot damn) and he is friends with hot shits zayn and liam and throw in some of the girls in lil mix and el in there and harry taking interest in lou and all his hipster friends (nick, niall, ed, whoever) take notice and basically harry pines. also i would love u if u make this like an au series. much love xx

oh wow this is good stuff. i’m on it!

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Anonymous: i hope you dont mind but i'm procrastinating at work by going through your AU meme page. omg. you're amazing at those. keep it up! 😍

i am honored to be the source of your procrastination!

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