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jack falahee | 1

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okayokay i had to prepare myself for this one bc you’re just great, you’re aus are great and you’re so creative and talented. ilysm and we should definitely talk more okay

mutuals send me #s, maybe

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tealourry YES and i can’t remember his name but he made like a very displeased noise and drake just walked away

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current mood: that one kid after drake spit his mouthwash into his water bottle

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Dylan introduce the featurette of ‘The Maze Runner’

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White folks on tumblr be like, “Please be kind to moths. They are doing their best and deserve respect and kindness. Never step on a flower because they are sensitive and have feelings. Also, why can’t I say the n word?”

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"its almost like silence has a sound" - zayn talking about the feeling of coming back from preforming (via girlpowers)
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